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Our company has signed Production-study-research cooperation agreement with Shantou University

Addtime: 2013-10-5

   We  have  signed  a Production-study-research cooperation  agreement on  working  together to the R&D of the amorphous silicon thin film solar field project with Guangdong Shantou university 

in 2008, which  refers  that we continuously improve our manufacturing technology and theoretical 

level by means of cooperating and working with colleges and R&D institution. In Shantou university 

department of physics, there  are  a  group of  excellent  academic  leaders from home and abroad who  will 

provide directional and powerful theory support, our company will provide the experimental facilities

and manpower support for the two sides in project research and development, as the practice base

of the  two sides’ scientific  research  achievement, we  will  actively pushing  for  the project  R&D

achievement  process  of  industrialization. It is believed that under the joint efforts of the two sides,

we willdefinitely achieve a leading scientific research achievement in the amorphous silicon thin film

solar   field  and  actively   pushing   for  the  achievement’s   process  of   industrialization,  make a contribution to the  World energy conservation and environmental protection career.

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